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Want to free up time that can be spent marketing your business, servicing customers, and driving revenue and growth???

Outsource your Business Payroll, Accounting, Taxes and other Back Office Services with JP Office Solutions.

We make it easy, affordable and fast.


Payroll is one of the most time-consuming business tasks.

Our complete payroll services include payroll, Human Resources (all aspects), tax payments, tax filings, quarterly, annual, etc. for a standard competitive fee.

We use state of the art, proprietary software, which allows for instant access to documents and data in one convenient location, including employee and employer portals.


The right accounting processes and tools help build financial freedom.

Our comprehensive Accounting Services outsourcing include account reconciliations, accounts payable/receivable, business/individual tax returns, financial reporting/projections/statements.

We provide accountability and accuracy in many ways.


HR is a good candidate for outsourcing as it is a non-profit function.

Our cost-effective human resource management services typically include new hire applications, employee benefits, HR administration management, and compliance.

We offer complete HR packages for any industry.


There are many approaches to running a successful organization.

Our solutions include consulting services for businesses needing process improvement, additional administrative support, re-engineering complete processes and much more.

We eliminate office inefficiencies and liabilities with practical and dependable solutions.

Partners in the Success of your Business

As profit margins tighten and government compliance becomes increasingly more complicated, we offer complete services to meet your needs and reduce costly administrative expenses and compliance/penalties.

Our structure is designed for automated back-office support of all kinds. We also offer on-site services for your office needs as well.

Whatever your structure and specific business needs, we offer the solution. We support any size organization and guarantee immediate downsizing and automation of your current processes.

What separates JP Office Solutions from standard service providers?

COST EFFECTIVE – We can meet or beat anyone’s pricing and do not gouge on additional fees.

PROFESSIONAL/PERSONAL – We make sure you speak with a representative live for real-time resolution. You always get a person, no recording, that knows your account.

EXPERIENCE – We provide over 45 years of combined professional experience and have served a diverse industry base.

Focus on activities that grow your business.  Get started now with JP Office Solutions.

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